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- The Band -
(from left) Pasi; guitar, Ville; drums, Ozzie ; Marie; vocals, Norman; bass, Kalle; guitar

4Order was founded on 1999, when Oz, Kalle and their former drummer Grandy met each other in a rehearsals of a band called Petteri Hirvanen Project Forever. It was a great opportunity to play with good musicians, but at the same time those guys had a strong need to create some new music by themselves.

At that point Oz had already written lyrics for a theme album based on old vampire tales. He gave them to Kalle, who started to work on the compositions. The result was the first full-length 4Order CD titled ;Journal;, released by CarminaDivinaMedia on 2007.


The latest single Angry Spirits is produced and recorded by Johnny Lee Michaels, a legendary Finnish producer, who has been working for example with 69 Eyes and 22 Pistepirkko. After a couple of very interesting months in Helsinki Underground Studios, 4Order released a CD containing two brand new tasty tunes titled Angry Spirits and Truth Hurts.

The CD was released on December 2007. You can find the clips from [here], and you can buy them online from [iTunes]

Looking forward to see you on our next gig!

- 4Order -